About the company

Altimus-Tech  is newly incorporated and dynamically developing company formed in 2012 with the main purpose to provide supplies of air traffic control and radar equipment produced mainly by eastern Europe companies. Being incorporated and providing its activities in EU state and supplying equipment produced mainly in eastern European countries Altimus-Tech keeps high standards of services provided and competitive price of equipment supplied.

Main activities


  • ATC equipment
  • Radars of different purpose
  • Data and Voice recording systems
  • Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System S-125-2D (Pechora-2D)
  • Command posts for AF and AD of different levels
  • Civil and military Ground-Controlled Approach systems


  • Modernization of legacy radars (civil and military purpose)
  • Services related to back up/after sale support
  • Development of ATC’s tailored solutions
  • Integration of civil and military radar systems

The company is wholly cross-functional with skills in all areas needed for successful implementation of ATC projects:

  • Operational expertise provided by top level operational personnel with experience of all aspects of air traffic control and management.
  • Technical expertise provided by leading technical experts in the field of ATC systems implementation.
  • Installation expertise is provided by a veteran group of technicians with far-ranging experiences including installations of flight data processing systems, radar data processing system, runway lights in addition to voice and data-link communication systems.